Love at first interview

Love at First Interview was inspired by over 20 years of working as Career Counselors with university students. Many people get anxious going on a job interview or a first date and that can be a good thing. When you get butterflies in your stomach it is often because you are interested in something or someone and you may be at a stage where you don’t have a lot of information to help your confidence.


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Phenomenal! Love at First Interview is filled with possibility and enthusiasm to compel and guide you forward in your next career step. Structured 8-step process will grab you from the very first exercise with the #1 thing you must bring to every job interview and few do. You are supported with thought-provoking introspection questions and action-filled exercises with the potential for profound personal and professional impact. Brilliant! Highly recommend!
— Elizabeth Craig, President, ELC Global, LLC | Career Services National award-winning author of Don’t Slurp Your Soup, A Basic Guide to Business Etiquette
My first date was excruciating. So was my first job interview. Quite frankly, my first few years of dating and interviewing were painful! If only someone like Darren and Heather had been there to help me with both! It wasn’t until I landed on the hiring side of the desk as a recruiter that I finally understood what had been happening to me for all those years. I often use dating as an analogy for getting hired, because it is the perfect analogy. Darren and Heather have done a terrific job of using that analogy to deliver some great career and job search advice, as well as a series of easy yet very effective exercises.
— Catherine Byers Breet, Chief Stripe Changer | Career Catalyst | Keynote Speaker |Talent Wrangler ARBEZ

Meet The Authors


Darren Kaltved, M.Ed.

As the associate director of career services for the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, Darren is known for his passion helping students and clients with making their career dreams come true. He brings decades of quality practitioner experience in career development, and has held numerous local and national leadership roles. Darren is a graduate of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Leadership Academy. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and a master’s degree in student personnel administration from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. Darren achieves his personal dreams by spending time with wife and son, preferably outdoors. An avid sports enthusiast, Darren enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, baseball, and golf. Darren has hiked Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, and climbed to the top of Angel’s Landing in Mt. Zion National Park. Learn more about Darren at LinkedIn


Heather Nagle, M.A.

With more than 20 years helping job seekers build confidence, develop professional relationships and realize their career dreams, Heather specializes in one-on-one coaching, and creating fun and innovative programming for interactive courses and workshops. Heather is an assistant director and career counselor at the University of Minnesota, where she has championed Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She has held similar positions at the University of California, San Diego and at the University of Iowa. She has realized several personal dreams as the mother of two wonderful daughters (and seven-year Girl Scout troop leader) and by teaching in Sydney, Australia and completing the Twin Cities Marathon. Find Heather online at LinkedIn.


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